About Us

Welcome to Sir Braxton Chocolate Bar!

We’re a team of passionate chocoholics that love the sweet side of life. Here in our Sydney cafe, we serve up a whole host of decadent desserts that are perfect for indulging sweet tooths and sugar cravings. We’re located on Bryant Street in Rockdale and our menu is simply bursting with the waffles, crepes, candied pizza, chocolate pasta and fondue of your dreams. To offset all this deliciousness though, we’ve got breakfast and lunch menus that are more on the savoury side.

So leave the all the guilt at the door, come and pay us a visit and treat yourself to a delicious time here at Sir Braxton Chocolate Bar!

More About Us

Sir Braxton Chocolate Bar was established in December 2014. Two friends and later turned business partners pursued their dreams and combined their experiences to create Sir Braxton Chocolate Bar.

Not your average cafe or restaurant, Sir Braxton is also an events centre, seating up to 80 guests, whether you’re looking for a delicious breakfast, an awarding winning coffee or decadent Belgian chocolate dessert, this place is for you!

In a world where such public comfort is rare we provide service in style.